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L-lined lavender cashmere sweater
CDO Donna Bouchard
Wearing L-lined crew neck sweater.
CEO & Founder Andrea Wagner
Wearing L-lined v-neck sweater.


Andrea’s idea to create LuxLined started with a quest to eliminate the discomfort associated with wearing wool sweaters. She always had a sensitivity to wool products – even the softest cashmere wools – but loved the stylishness, sustainability, and warmth.

“Spend a day sweltering in an itchy, static-charged wool sweater and you’re likely to swear off ever wearing it again,no matter how great you might have looked,” said Andrea.


Fast forward two decades later, after co-founding two successful biotech companies. To find a fix, Andrea teamed up with her friend, Donna – an apparel industry veteran with a strong technical background in knitwear design. 


“I was confident we could solve the prickly wool fiber problem” Andrea recalled, “but I never dreamed the result would look so fashionable while feeling so comfortable!” Every LuxLined sweater is designed with an ultra-thin, ultra-stretchy proprietary inner lining that provides all-day temperature regulation – no more hot flashes! – as well as static-free and itch-free comfort (without ever needing an underlayer).


LuxLined is also mission driven. Ten percent of all profits will be invested in women-owned and women-led businesses through Herizon Funding. Andrea is looking forward to supporting women in leadership roles and business ownership, including women with careers in the S T E M sector (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), just like herself.

Ditch the woolly itch...

Block the static shock...

Dash the hot flash...

LuxLined - Prepare to GET COMFORTABLE!

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